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Connect A Service 

About us

Founded in 1955, our purpose is to provide safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation. 

Our Board:     
  • Chairman: Steve Lolley

  • Board member: Mike Spears

  • Board member: Melissa Akers

  • Board member: Ronald McDonald

Our Office: 
  • Office Administrator: Terri Dennis

  • Water Clerk: Shelby Lariscey


  • Water Plant Manager and Chief Operator: Lyle Webb

  • Grade IV Water Operator: Shane Darty

  • Grade IV Water Operator: Tommy Howe

  • Grade IV Water Operator: Mitch Cole

  • Maintenance Manager: Josh Cole

The GWWSB is committed to meeting and exceeding the standards set by ADEM and the EPA. We provide water to approximately 1,200 customers. As the City of Guin continues to grow and more stringent environmental regulations are implemented, we are committed to meeting these challenges in a responsible and economical manner while being good stewards to our community.  

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